Parallel Serial Calculator

Especially if you trying out a new circuit a special resistor value can be wanted. You can adjust a potentiometer or take a pair of resistors. I wrote this calculator in 2005 to provide a easy way to calculate the best component combination. This web-based programm calculates all combinations in series and parallel and calculates the error. Then it returns the 30 best combinations. It works not only for resistors, but also for capacitors and inductors. For now I provide 3 element lists E12 for resistors, E6 for capacitors and finally one list from my Conrad-Resistor-Set order number418706 . Let me know if you would like to provide another component list .

Parallel Serail Calculator
List of components:

Resistors E12 (1 Ohm - 10 MOhm)
Capacitors E6 (4,7 p - 680 )
Resistors (Conrad 418706)
Resistors E24 (1 Ohm - 10 MOhm)

requested value:

  1. Select compnent list e.g. "Capacitors E6"
  2. Enter target value "2.65 n"
  3. Press calculate-button

Metric prefixes
f = Femto
p = Pico
n = Nano
= Micro
u = Micro
m = Milli
k = Kilo
M = Mega

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