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R3 is a outdoor robot I have built in December 2015 for experimental purposes.

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==a==Elementary Components of R3==a==

- Drive
- Motor Driver Board with [[MotroTreiber L298N]] (dual H-bridge)
- 4 DC Gearbox Motor [[CHM24351 CHM-2435-1]]
- 4 Wheels from German hardware store "OBI" with self constructed axis adapters
- Power Supply
- 10 W solar panel
- 7.2 Ah lead battery
- Solar battery charger
- 2 [[DcDcBuckConverterLM2596 Buck Converter LM2596]] for 5 V
- 1 [[DcDcBoostConverterLM2577 Boost Converter LM2577]] for 24 V
- 5 [[R3MOSFETSwitch MOSFET switch circuits]] for powering down power domains
- Control
- [[RaspberryPi Raspberry Pi]] 3
- Microcontroller board with [[STM32F103 STM32F103C8T6]] (ARM Cortex-M3)
- Communication
- Wireless LAN USB-Stick TP-LINK TL-WN722N with Antenna (+4 dBi)
- Sensors
- Pi Camera
- Ultrasound sensor modul [[HCSR04 HC-SR04]] for distance measuremens
- GPS-Sensor [[GYGPS6MV2 GY-GPS6MV2]]
- Infrared-sensor module [[InfraredSensorFC51 FC-51]]
- [[Accelerometer]] and gyroscope module [[GY521 GY-521]] with [[MPU6050 MPU-6050]]
- Ultrasound sensor module [[HCSR04 HC-SR04]] for distance measurements
- [[Servo Servo-Motors]]
- 2 for moving the head carrying camera and sensors
- Housing
- Universal storage box from German hardware store "OBI": [[ KIS, BI BOX S, white]]


The robot has been introduced the first time at the [[ Peacha Kucha in Erlangen]], on July 12th, 2016.

A link to a video will follow.

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